“I have one desire now - to live a life of reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my energy and strength into it.”
― Elisabeth Elliot


And maybe someday
We’ll figure all this out
Try to put an end to all our doubt
Try to find a way to make things better now and
Maybe someday we’ll live our lives out loud
We’ll be better off somehow

❝ I revoke the curse. It is no more. ❞


the eight words that killed me

over and over and…over

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❝ The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live. Be a human before being an artist. ❞

— Rodin  (via thatkindofwoman)

❝ Paul called Him ‘the God of all comfort’. Jesus actually said: ‘If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.’ Receive the comfort of a God who reaches down to lift up those who stumble. ❞

— Unka Glen (


my life in a photo


Paco Pomet - Velo. Oil on canvas, 60x80 cm (2014)


Harpers Ferry, you’re something else.

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